The Green Days project is run by Innovate Trust and funded by the Big Lottery Fund Wales; it is a community project which enables people with disabilities to gain skills and experience by contributing to their own communities through conservation and green volunteering.

About Innovate Trust.

Originating from a student volunteer project at Cardiff University, Innovate Trust provides support and guidance to disabled people. Our main work is to support people with learning disabilities, but we also support individuals with mental health issues and people with physical impairments.  In addition we provide support to elderly, young, disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the local community through our Student Volunteer projects still based at Cardiff University.
Innovate Trust is proud of its history and continues to aspire to develop new ways of working that could and have been replicated across the country and abroad.  Our most well known pioneering work was the development of the first Supported Living house in the UK for individuals with a learning disability.  More recently we have developed and expanded our social enterprises which are now working towards becoming completely self-funded.
We have piloted and led numerous partnerships funded by Europe most recently through the ‘Equal Programme’ where we successfully lead a trans-national partnership with a pan-disability remit.  Our latest service developed with the Sports Council and Lottery funded, provides the opportunity and support for disabled people to take part in sporting and outdoor activities.  Innovate Trust is keen to continue to lead the way in alternative service provision and will ensure that it has both the ideas and resources to continue its ground breaking work.
It is our vision to be recognised as a quality provider of innovative and inclusive services for disabled people.

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